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Assisted immigration, 1947-75

  • Assisted immigration, 1947-75

    New Zealand is a country of immigrants. Wave after wave of peoples have settled here: Polynesian, British, European, Asian.

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  • Page 2 – Peopling New Zealand

    The Labour Department was responsible for setting up and administering the assisted immigration scheme

  • Page 3 – Leaving the grey UK

    The Immigration Branch needed to advertise the assisted immigration scheme as widely as possible and mostly used the classified sections of British newspapers.

  • Page 4 – The voyage out

    The Captain Cook, along with the Captain Hobson, brought assisted immigrants to New Zealand via the Panama Canal from 1952.

  • Page 5 – Life in New Zealand

    After they arrived, each assisted immigrant was given a letter of welcome from Bert Bockett, the Secretary for Labour, which outlined the assistance which the Department would

  • Page 6 – Further information

    Further information about assisted immigration.

The Vogel era

  • The Vogel era

    In 1870, Colonial Treasurer Julius Vogel launched the most ambitious development programme in New Zealand’s history. The ‘Vogel era’ was a decisive moment in New Zealand’s 19th-century transformation from a Māori world to a Pākehā one.

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  • Page 4 – Building Vogel's railways

    Julius Vogel wasn’t the first colonial politician to promise to fund public works and immigration with borrowed money. But the early 1870s offered better prospects for success

  • Page 5 – Vogel's legacy

    After the initial enthusiasm of the 1870s, Julius Vogel’s reputation suffered in the 1880s when New Zealand’s economy slumped into a long depression that was triggered by an