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Assisted immigration, 1947-75

  • Assisted immigration, 1947-75

    New Zealand is a country of immigrants. Wave after wave of peoples have settled here: Polynesian, British, European, Asian.

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  • Page 3 - Leaving the grey UKThe Immigration Branch needed to advertise the assisted immigration scheme as widely as possible and mostly used the classified sections of British

Life in the 20th century

  • Life in the 20th century

    Exploration of everyday life in New Zealand from 1900 to the mid-1980s

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  • Page 3 - Time outAs a modern society began to evolve in New Zealand in the early twentieth century, a new concept of 'leisure time' began to emerge

The 1920s

  • The 1920s

    The 1920s was the decade that modern New Zealand came of age. Despite political and economic uncertainty, the country shrugged off the gloom of war to embrace the Jazz Age - an era of speed, power and glamour. Explore an overview of the decade and a year-by-year breakdown of key events.

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  • Page 8 - 1925 - key eventsA selection of key New Zealand events from


  • Lye, Leonard Charles Huia

    Len Lye is a controversial figure in New Zealand art, an internationally renowned and influential film-maker and kinetic sculptor who is seen by some as an outsider whose art has little relevance to the local tradition

  • Main image: Len Lye

    Artist Len Lye was both an experimental film-maker and a kinetic sculptor, who produced sculptures that moved