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Peter Buck

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1877 (year uncertain) – 1 Dec 1951


Peter Buck
Biography of doctor, politician and anthropologist Peter Buck (Te Rangi Hīroa)


Māori and the First World War

Māori reactions to serving in the First World War largely reflected iwi experiences of British actions in the 19th century. Read the full article

Page 2 - White man's war?

Imperial policy initially doubted the wisdom of 'native' troops fighting a 'white man's

Māori in the NZEF

More than 2000 Maori served in the Māori Contingent and Pioneer Battalion during the First World War Read the full article

Page 2 - Maori Contingent at Gallipoli

The first Maori Contingent sailed from Wellington aboard the SS Warrimoo in February 1915. The contingent served on the Gallipoli

Photograph of Frederick Augustus Bennett, Peter Henry Buck, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Baucke, and Tai Mitchell  taken 20 December 1907 by Edith Preen, probably in Rotorua.