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Great War Stories

  • Great War Stories

    ––Videos screened on TV3 as part of the Great War Stories series. Each video is accompanied by extra information and links to primary sources

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New Zealand and Le Quesnoy

  • New Zealand and Le Quesnoy

    It was the New Zealand Division's final action of the First World War. On 4 November 1918, just a week before the Armistice was signed, New Zealand troops stormed the walled French town of Le Quesnoy. The 90 men killed were among the last of the 12,483 who fell on the Western Front.

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  • Page 5 – Battle accounts, Private Nimmo

    Captain James Matheson Nimmo joined 3rd Battalion, 3rd New Zealand (Rifle) Brigade on 27 September 1918.

The Salonika campaign

  • The Salonika campaign

    23 October is the anniversary of the 1915 sinking of the Marquette with the loss of 32 New Zealanders, including 10 nurses. They were en route from Egypt to the Greek port of Salonika as New Zealand’s contribution to the little-known Allied campaign in the Balkans

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  • Page 6 - Hidden AnzacsA number of New Zealanders served in the British imperial forces at Salonika rather than with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

The Gallipoli campaign

  • The Gallipoli campaign

    Each year on Anzac Day, New Zealanders (and Australians) mark the anniversary of the Gallipoli landings of 25 April 1915. On that day, thousands of young men, far from their homes, stormed the beaches on the Gallipoli Peninsula in what is now Türkiye.

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  • Page 10 - Gallipoli biographiesFind out more about some of the New Zealanders involved in the Gallipoli campaign between April 1915 and January 1916.

The War in the air

  • The War in the air

    More than 800 New Zealanders served as air or ground crew in the war between 1914 and 1918, the vast majority of them in Europe. A handful saw action in Gallipoli and the Middle East.

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  • Page 5 - Kiwi storiesFind out more about some of New Zealand's First World War


  • Begg, Charles Mackie

    Charles Begg was New Zealand's most decorated member of the Medical Corps during the First World War. He played a major role in the treatment of troops during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign.

  • Burn, William Wallace Allison

    William Wallace Allison Burn was the first New Zealander to qualify as a military aviator. During the First World War he served in the Middle East, where he became the first New Zealand pilot to be killed in action.

  • Caldwell, Keith Logan

    One of New Zealand's greatest aviators, Keith Caldwell recorded 25 confirmed victories while serving as a pilot in the First World War.

  • Rhodes-Moorhouse, William Barnard

    William Rhodes-Moorhouse, the first airman to receive a Victoria Cross, served as a mechanic and pilot in the early months of the First World War. 

  • McGregor, Malcolm Charles

    Malcolm McGregor, known to colleagues as ‘Mad Mac’, achieved fame as a First World War air ace and later helped to establish civil aviation in New Zealand.

  • Dickson, Euan

    Euan Dickson was one of the most successful Allied bomber pilots of the First World War, flying 175 raids, and shooting down 14 enemy aircraft with the help of his observer.

  • Collett, Clive Franklyn

    Perhaps New Zealand's most qualified and experienced First World War pilots, Clive Collett flew a total of about 1200 hours, many of them on experimental work, on at least 46 different types of aircraft.

  • Brandon, Alfred de Bathe

    Wellington lawyer, Alfred de Bathe Brandon, was famed for his attacks on German Zeppelin airships during the First World War.


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  • Herbert Edmondson was a member of the 2nd New Zealand Entrenching Battalion captured at Méteren in April 1918. He died of disease several months later while a prisoner of war.

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