euan dickson

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  • Euan Dickson


  • 31 Mar 189210 Mar 1980

Euan Dickson was one of the most successful Allied bomber pilots of the First World War, flying 175 raids, and shooting down 14 enemy aircraft with the help of his observer.

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The War in the air

  • The War in the air

    More than 800 New Zealanders served as air or ground crew in the war between 1914 and 1918, the vast majority of them in Europe. A handful saw action in Gallipoli and the Middle East.

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  • Page 4 - New Zealand's air war 1914-1918With no military flying corps in New Zealand, hundreds of adventurous young Kiwis joined British and Australian air services during the First World
  • Main image: Captain Euan Dickson

    One of the most successful bomber pilots of the war was New Zealander Captain Euan Dickson, who flew 175 raids over German-occupied territory and, with his observer, shot down 14 enemy aircraft.