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Te Kooti's war

  • Te Kooti's war

    Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Tūrukiwas one of the most significant Māori leaders of the 19th century. For nearly four years he waged a guerrilla war unlike any previous conflict in the New Zealand Wars. His influence continues to be felt in eastern Bay of Plenty and East Coast, where his Ringatū faith remains strong.

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  • Page 9 – A Māori matter

    Te Kooti's final decades

New Zealand's 19th-century wars

  • New Zealand's 19th-century wars

    War changed the face of New Zealand in the 19th century. Many thousands of Māori died in the intertribal Musket Wars between the 1810s and the 1830s. There were more deaths during the New Zealand Wars of the 1840s to 1870s between some Māori and the Crown, which for many tribes had dire consequences.

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  • Page 4 - Prophets and colonistsFrom 1864, a new round of fighting in the New Zealand Wars was sparked by Māori religious


  • Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki

    Te Kooti fought on the government side in the New Zealand Wars before being exiled to the Chatham Islands on charges of espionage. He later escaped back to the mainland and fought a long guerilla war against government forces.

  • Kēnana, Rua Hepetipa

    Rua Kēnana was a Tūhoe prophet who set up a community at Maungapōhatu in the Urewera mountains. In 1916 he was arrested for sedition for his opposition to Māori conscription in the First World War. His trial was one of the longest in New Zealand's legal history.

  • Charged with sedition and several other crimes Rua Kēnana was convicted only of resisting police, for which he was sentenced to one year in prison and 18 months’ reformative detention