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The Gallipoli campaign

Page 10 – Gallipoli biographies

Find out more about some of the New Zealanders involved in the Gallipoli campaign between April 1915 and January 1916. Each introduction links to a page with further information.

Charles Begg (1879-1919)

Charles Begg

Charles Begg was New Zealand's most decorated member of the Medical Corps during the First World War. He played a major role in organising the evacuation and treatment of the wounded at Anzac Cove during the Gallipoli campaign. More...

George Bollinger (1890-1917)

George Bollinger

New Plymouth-born soldier George Bollinger kept a detailed diary while on active service. His accounts, particularly of Gallipoli, document superbly the experiences and shifting attitudes of a New Zealand soldier during the campaign. More...

Evelyn Brooke (1879-1962)

Evelyn Brooke

Evelyn Brooke was matron on the hospital ship Maheno, which sailed from New Zealand for Gallipoli in July 1915. The Maheno made five trips to Anzac Cove in August and September. In extreme heat, while bullets raked the decks, Brooke and her fellow nurses tended tirelessly to the sick and wounded. More...

Alexander Godley (1867-1957)

Alexander Godley

General Alexander Godley commanded the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the First World War. At Gallipoli, he was in charge of the New Zealand and Australian Division that landed on 25 April 1915. He found it difficult to adapt to the battlefield at Anzac, and earned a reputation amongst the New Zealanders as an aloof and ineffective leader. More...

William Malone (1859-1915)

William Malone

Stratford lawyer William Malone commanded the Wellington Battalion at Gallipoli, and was killed during the battle for Chunuk Bair on 8 August 1915. An outstanding citizen soldier impatient with the incompetence of his superiors, Malone has come to symbolise the New Zealand experience at Gallipoli. More...

Horace Moore-Jones (1867-68?-1922)

Horace Moore-Jones

Sent to Gallipoli with the New Zealand Engineers, Horace Moore-Jones soon began sketching topographical maps of the area. Towards the end of 1915, his drawing hand was injured. While recovering in England, he somehow managed to produce almost 80 watercolours of Gallipoli. More...

Paul Silva (1897-1974)

Paul Silva

Paul Silva enlisted under-age and was just 17 years old when he landed at Anzac Cove with the Auckland Battalion on 25 April 1915. He overcame the loss of an eye at Gallipoli to compete successfully in national woodchopping events for more than 20 years. More...

Francis Twisleton (1873-1917)

Francis Twisleton

Yorkshireman Francis Twisleton landed at Gallipoli with the Otago Mounted Rifles Regiment in May 1915. He wrote a number of letters about the reality of trench warfare on the peninsula, including a vivid account of the bloody assault on Hill 60. More...

Henare Wepiha Te Wainohu (1882-1920)

Henare Te Wainohu

Henare Wepiha Te Wainohu was a chaplain in the Native Contingent during the Gallipoli campaign. Respected by the soldiers to whom he ministered, ‘the padre’ helped carry out the wounded, distributed water, and comforted the dying under fire. More...


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