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Sergeant-Major Uea


Sergeant-Major Uea of Niue with his son Makanetiaki, photographed after their arrival in New Zealand. Makanetiaki became a boarder at St Stephen's College while Uea served as a chaplain in the Niue contingent.

Sergeant-Major Uea

Uea, a native pastor and teacher, was the oldest member of the Niue contingent that sailed for New Zealand in October 1915. He was a leading figure on the island in encouraging support for the war effort, contributing to the war fund as well as volunteering for service in the Niue contingent. Uea was therefore appointed chaplain to the group and promoted to sergeant and then sergeant-major.

Uea played a fatherly role within the Niue contingent and as one of the few who both spoke and wrote English was a vital link for the men. He held regular church services and conducted funeral services for fellow Niueans in Auckland, Egypt, France, England and at sea.

After his return to Niue, Uea remained proud of the service he had given and sometimes appeared in the main town of Alofi wearing his uniform. When he died in 1947 he was buried in full uniform.


Image courtesy Marion McQuoid

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