polderhoek attack


Passchendaele: fighting for Belgium

  • Passchendaele: fighting for Belgium

    Ever since 1917 Passchendaele has been a byword for the horror of the First World War. The assault on this tiny Belgian village cost the lives of thousands of New Zealand soldiers. But its impact reached far beyond the battlefield, leaving deep scars on many New Zealand communities and families.

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  • Page 4 – After Passchendaele

    Military events in Belgium after the Passchendaele offensive of October 1917, including the failed attack at Polderhoek

1917: Arras, Messines and Passchendaele

  • Main image: William Albert Ralph

    William Ralph served with the Canterbury Infantry Regiment in the FIrst World War and was killed in action during an attack on Polderhoek Spur in Novemeber 1917