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Chinese New Year


  • Allies

    The military alliance that fought against the Central Powers was known as the Allies. Initially this alliance was based around the four great powers of Russia, France, Japan and the British Empire, along with the smaller states of Serbia, Montenegro and Belgium that also went to war in 1914.

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  • Page 3 – Republic of China

    Key information and statistics about the Republic of China during the First World War

The Cold War

  • The Cold War

    Although the origins of the so-called Cold War can be traced back to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, this intense ideological struggle between the Western powers and the Soviet Union really began after the Second World War.

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  • Page 5 - South-East AsiaDuring the 1950s the focus of New Zealand’s defence strategy shifted from the Middle East to Asia.


  • Alley, Rewi

    In December 1926 Rewi Alley left New Zealand ‘to go and have a look at the Chinese revolution’. Alley stayed in China for 60 years, becoming one of its best-known and best-loved foreigners.