Sergeant Kaipati

Sergeant Kaipati

Sergeant Kaipati of the Ocean Island Constabulary, photographed shortly before leaving to join the NZEF.

Private Kaipati

Kaipati came from the Gilbert and Ellice group to join the NZEF. A sergeant in the Ocean Island Police Constabulary, Kaipati was well known on the island - he was in charge of the surf boat that brought new arrivals ashore through terrifying waves.

Kaipati accompanied the Resident Commissioner of the Gilbert Islands on a trip to Fiji in 1915. The return voyage was via Auckland. Kaipati was very keen ‘to go to the Front’ and the Resident Commissioner agreed to release him. Kaipati enlisted and was sent to Narrow Neck Camp to join the Niueans and Cook Islanders already training there.

Kaipati sailed with the 3rd Maori Reinforcements in February 1916. He served in Egypt and France and was a lance-corporal when he was invalided back to New Zealand, arriving in September 1917. When Kaipati was well enough to be discharged the New Zealand government acknowledged his service by paying for his repatriation to the Gilbert Islands.

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Posted: 25 Apr 2016

Sargeant Kaipati was my grandmother's uncle Tepula Tepou mother of my father Rev. Liu Tepou (immigrated Niysila 1964) from Nanumea Tuvalu. It was the 1st time ever myself and siblings knew we had an ancestor Great Great Grand uncle Kaipati fought in war. Residing in Aukilani Niusila. ANZAC is now significant more so now. Grandkids of Kaipati would be wonderful share on Facebook his stories. GOD BLESS.

Tekena Samuelu Kaipati

Posted: 30 Dec 2014

thanks to my brother Eritaia for being the first one to post his comments.
well I would say that I was unfortunate for not seeing my grandfather Kaipati as I grew up in Banaba (Ocean island) with my father Samuelu (Kaipati's son).

But I was told about his life by my father that he was a brave soldier and that makes me very proud of him as one of his grandsons.
What makes me happy right now is I look exactly like him and I use his photo from the internet as my facebook profile. lol...

You can check it out now !!! Merry Christmas brother and your family I live in suva now with my family.

[email protected]


Posted: 25 Mar 2011

The above is my grandfather and I spent my childhood with him in the island of Rabi in Fiji during the 1970s. I was fortunate that I spent a great deal of time with him and sharing with me his tales and experiences during the war. Very proud of him and deeply miss him.
My greatest gratitude to those that have posted his photo and pofile on the internet.