keith holyoake

Personal details

Full Name:

  • Keith Jacka Holyoake


  • 11 Feb 19048 Dec 1983

Prime Minister:

20 Sept–12 Dec 1957; 12 Dec 1960–7 Feb 1972

Age on becoming PM:




Political Party:



‘Kiwi Keith’ Holyoake, the first officially designated deputy PM (1954) was our third-longest serving leader.Although criticised for sending troops to the Vietnam War, he is now seen as ‘the most dovish of the hawks’, doing the bare minimum to keep America happy.

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Events In History


Viceregal visiting

  • Viceregal visiting

    'To be invisible is to be forgotten,' constitutional theorist Walter Bagehot (1826–77) warned. For the King or Queen's New Zealand representative, the governor-general, that meant hitting the road

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  • Page 5 - Recent changesBy the 1970s, the nature of viceregal visiting had changed. New Zealanders, not Britons, now held the job, so they did not need to be

History of the Governor-General

  • History of the Governor-General

    New Zealand has had a governor or (from 1917) a governor-general since 1840. The work of these men and women has reflected the constitutional and political history of New Zealand in many ways.

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  • Page 7 - PatriatedLate last century, New Zealand governments patriated (indigenised) the

Housing the Prime Minister

  • Housing the Prime Minister

    Almost 150 years after the government purchased the first official premier's residence on Tinakori Road, Wellington, the address of Premier House remains the same. But in the intervening years the building has been extended, renamed, abandoned and refurbished.

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  • Page 3 - Unofficial prime ministerial housesFrom 1935 to 1975 our prime ministers lived in a series of 'unofficial'