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Denis Blundell

Personal details


Viceregal visiting

'To be invisible is to be forgotten,' constitutional theorist Walter Bagehot (1826–77) warned. For the King or Queen's New Zealand representative, the governor-general, that meant hitting the road Read the full article

Page 4 - Some say yes; some say no

Like his predecessors, Sir Denis Blundell (1972–7) travelled widely throughout New

History of the Governor-General

New Zealand has had a governor or (from 1917) a governor-general since 1840. The work of these men and women has reflected the constitutional and political history of New Zealand in many ways. Read the full article

Page 7 - Patriated

Late last century, New Zealand governments patriated (indigenised) the

Captain Grant Crowley, the aide-de-camp, and Sir Denis and Lady Blundell make their way from the viceregal Rolls-Royce.