Eva Rickard was one of the most outspoken Māori land-rights campaigners of the 1970s.

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Viceregal visiting

  • Viceregal visiting

    'To be invisible is to be forgotten,' constitutional theorist Walter Bagehot (1826–77) warned. For the King or Queen's New Zealand representative, the governor-general, that meant hitting the road

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  • Page 4 - Some say yes; some say noLike his predecessors, Sir Denis Blundell (1972–7) travelled widely throughout New

Town on the southern shore of Raglan Harbour (Whāingaroa), 48km west of Hamilton. The settlement dates from 1854, when the government began buying land in the area. During the Waikato war Te Awa-i-taia protected the settlement, and it was garrisoned by troops. Raglan relied on shipping until adequate roads were developed. Dairy farming started nearby in the late 1800s, but from the 1930s many dairy units changed to sheep farming, which was more suited to the hilly terrain. A seaside resort for Hamiltonians, it has also been a surfing town since the 1960s.

Meaning of place name
First called Whāingaroa village, in 1858 it was renamed after Lord Raglan, British commander in the Crimean War.

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