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Television in New Zealand

  • Television in New Zealand

    New Zealand’s first non-experimental television transmission went to air on 1 June 1960. To mark five decades of TV, in 2010 we presented five snapshots of Kiwi TV history. Explore pre-1960 experiments, TV news, music shows and modern election coverage - and discover how our own history has been showcased on the small screen.

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  • Page 2 – TV emerges in New Zealand timeline

    New Zealand’s first non-experimental TV transmission was made on 1 June 1960. But this wasn’t the country’s first foray into television.

  • Page 3 – Early evening news on TV

    New Zealanders are used to receiving their early evening news on television at 6 p.m. every night of the week. But the current format only stabilised in the early 1990s. Until

  • Page 4 – Kiwi music shows on TV

    New Zealanders can now view music videos over the internet or on music channels C4 and Juice TV. But after TV was introduced in 1960 several generations of New Zealanders kept

  • Page 5 – Elections on TV

    It took a while for television to make its mark on New Zealand elections, but since the 1980s the small screen has become the decisive election battleground.

  • Page 6 – History on TV timeline

    A surprising amount of New Zealand history has appeared on television over the last half-century.

Parliament's people

  • Parliament's people

    Today there are usually between 120 and 123 MPs in New Zealand's Parliament, which is a far cry from the 37 who met for the first time in Auckland in 1854.

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  • Page 8 - Reporting and broadcastingThe reporting of Parliament has always been an important part of the parliamentary


  • Basham, Maud Ruby

    Maud Basham, also known as Aunt Daisy, was famous as the host of a radio show focused on domesticity. Upon the success of the broadcasts, she wrote accompanying cook books, and was awarded an MBE in 1956.

  • A series of vignettes re Nash's announcement in November 1959 that New Zealand will have TV within the next 12 months.