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  • 30 March 2004
    Historian Michael King dies

    Historian Michael King (aged 58) and his wife Maria Jungowska died in a car accident in south Waikato. King’s Penguin history of New Zealand became the most popular book of the year, and was the Readers’ Choice at the 2004 Montana New Zealand Book Awards. Read more...


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Dominion status

  • Dominion status

    On 26 September 1907 the colony of New Zealand ceased to exist. It became, instead, a dominion within the British Empire.

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  • Page 7 - Dominion status symposium, 2007Read and hear the papers from the Dominion status symposium held at  Parliament Buildings on Dominion Day - 26 September

Television in New Zealand

  • Television in New Zealand

    New Zealand’s first non-experimental television transmission went to air on 1 June 1960. To mark five decades of TV, in 2010 we presented five snapshots of Kiwi TV history. Explore pre-1960 experiments, TV news, music shows and modern election coverage - and discover how our own history has been showcased on the small screen.

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  • Page 6 - History on TV timelineA surprising amount of New Zealand history has appeared on television over the last


  • Cowan, James

    Biography of prolific historian and journalist best known for the two-volume The New Zealand Wars: A History of the Māori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period

  • Pascoe, John Dobrée

    John Pascoe was an avid mountaineer and writer. Though he helped pioneer documentary photography in New Zealand, he has been described as our greatest unrecognised 20th century photographer.

  • Main image: John Pascoe

    John Pascoe was an avid mountaineer, writer and documentary photographer