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Viceregal visiting

  • Viceregal visiting

    'To be invisible is to be forgotten,' constitutional theorist Walter Bagehot (1826–77) warned. For the King or Queen's New Zealand representative, the governor-general, that meant hitting the road

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  • Page 2 - Putting on appearancesNew Zealanders loved a good viceregal do, and no one was observed more closely than Their

The Beatles in New Zealand

  • The Beatles in New Zealand

    When four young Liverpool musicians landed in Wellington on a lazy Sunday afternoon in June 1964, seven days of pandemonium erupted. Young New Zealanders flocked in their thousands to hear or just catch a glimpse of the famous 'Fab Four'.

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  • Page 2 - Setting the sceneThe Beatles' 1964 tour occurred as New Zealand was undergoing a cultural shift, and many young people swapped their old image for the new 'mod'

Life in the 20th century

  • Life in the 20th century

    Exploration of everyday life in New Zealand from 1900 to the mid-1980s

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  • Page 6 - AppearancesWe present ourselves to the world by the way we dress and wear our hair. Whether we have carefully selected from a full wardrobe or simply grabbed the first thing at hand, our

Men and their moustaches

  • Men and their moustaches

    Today most New Zealand men are clean-shaven (though an increasing number grow moustaches especially for the month of 'Movember'). That wasn’t always the case. Moustaches have come and gone as Kiwi blokes have shown themselves to be dedicated followers of fashion.

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  • Page 2 - A moustache timelineA timeline of New Zealand men's facial

US Forces in New Zealand

  • US Forces in New Zealand

    The first American soldiers landed on New Zealand soil in June 1942, beginning an 'invasion' which would have a profound impact on both visitors and hosts over the next 18 months.

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  • Page 5 - Having fun US styleAlthough the American forces worked hard, they also craved time off. New Zealand leisure habits were very different to American ones, so the visitors devised their own forms of