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Children and adolescents, 1930-1960

  • Children and adolescents, 1930-1960

    The need for the New Zealand government to promote national interests during the Depression and the Second World War created a renewed appreciation of the role of the family within society.

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  • Page 2 – Children's health

    By the late 1940s all New Zealand children had a medical examination on entering school, and were seen by a nurse at standards two and six. These examinations helped identify

  • Page 3 – Education

    By 1940 childhood was internationally recognised as a distinct stage in human development. A child's value to the family was no longer seen as primarily economic. Instead

  • Page 4 – The post-war family

    As a consequence of the post-war economic boom there was increasing demand for consumer goods. The 1956 census revealed that more than half of New Zealand homes possessed

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US Forces in New Zealand

  • US Forces in New Zealand

    The first American soldiers landed on New Zealand soil in June 1942, beginning an 'invasion' which would have a profound impact on both visitors and hosts over the next 18 months.

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  • Page 7 - Yankee boys, Kiwi girlsRomantic liaisons between American servicemen and New Zealand women inevitably developed. The soldiers were starved of female company, and Kiwi women enjoyed the American men's

Railway stations

  • Railway stations

    Before most people had cars or telephones, let alone television and the Internet, the railway provided many communities with their main connection to the outside world.

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  • Page 4 - The dark sideLike other public facilities, railway stations often attracted loafers and drunks, bored teenagers or lonely souls seeking human
  • Main image: Widgies

    The increasingly assertive attitude of adolescents is depicted through both clothing and body language in this sketch of two widgies