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Armistice celebrations in Greymouth


Armistice announcement in the Grey River Argus, 13 November 1918. The article describes the celebrations in Greymouth the previous day:

At about quarter to ten o'clock yesterday morning the hoisting of the flag on the Post Office, followed by the ringing of the firebells, tooting of whistles, etc., proclaimed to the Greymouth people the joyful news of Germany having signed the armistice... [A procession] comprised school children, waving miniature Union Jacks, Scouts, Old Boys, general public, decorated vehicles and motor cars. The procession was a very lengthy one, but it would have been even more lengthy had the hundreds of people, who stood on the footpaths viewing the march, stepped in.

The same issue of the Grey River Argus included the Medical Superintendent's report on the spread of influenza:

The epidemic, although present in Greymouth in a mild form prior to the demonstrations in connection with the signing of the armistice, was undoubtedly spread by these gatherings.


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