Bluey, the mascot

Bluey, the mascot

This photograph shows a group of New Zealand Coast Watchers and 2 NZEF personnel attached to Fijian Brigade forces in Fiji, 1942. Bluey sits in front, with his master crouching behind.

George Salter, an ambulance driver, is at the back of the group. He fell ill in Fiji after helping wounded American marines and had to be moved temporarily to a hotel to recover. He was lying in his bure (hut) before the transfer.

When in comes this foxy we called Bluey. He just came to me and I just talked to him. Now something odd was happening. Why did he come to me? I just talked and patted and said, 'Hop up on my bed; don't let anyone touch my bed; I will be away for a while' – I went and when I came back I asked my hut mates, 'Did Bluey stay here?'

'Oh yes. He only went away to his boss to get eats but stayed by your bed all night. Wouldn't let anyone go near it just growled and [?] at night. But went back to his boss just before you came back.'

What I want to know is who told that dog to come to me? How did he know what I said?


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