Carl Völkner

Carl Sylvius Völkner was a Protestant missionary who arrived in New Zealand from Germany in 1849. In 1861 he became head of the Church Missionary Society mission at Ōpōtiki in the Bay of Plenty. During the rise of the Pai Mārire, or Hauhau, movement Völkner wrote to Governor Grey informing him of events in the region, and asking him 'to receive my accompanying letters as private communications to yourself, and not to publicize my name or abode with any information you make use of.'

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Robert H Vette

Posted: 16 Jan 2009

You may be interested to know that a life of Volkner was printed in NZ in 2006 entitled 'The Martyr's Crown being the Life of Carl. S. Volkner together with his sermon on Romans 8:18" the author is Dr. Mary Tagg and the publisher is South Pacific Reprints P.O.Box 68074 Auckland New Zealand price NZ$15.00 46 pages A4 size.