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Crew from the merchant ship Hauraki


A group portrait of some members of the crew of the New Zealand cargo vessel MV Hauraki and other prisoners of war at their camp at Ohasi, northern Japan, on 28 August 1945, while they were awaiting repatriation following Japan's surrender. The Hauraki had been captured by the Japanese armed merchant cruisers Aikoku Maru and Hokoku Maru in the Indian Ocean on 12 July 1942.

All of those listed are Hauraki crew members unless stated otherwise.

Left to right: back row: W.P. (Bill) Hall, 3rd engineer; W. Speekbreenk (Dutch engineer); James D. Innes, 7th engineer; V. Bladern (Dutch engineer); C.T. Hurley, 4th engineer; D.K. Scott, 11th engineer; D. McCalum, ship's carpenter; A. Alexander, greaser; E. Jacobsen, ship's cook; and F. Chamberlain (marine superintendent, Malay States Steam Ship Company). Middle row: D. Taylor, L.H. Russel, and McGee (all American POWs); W.C. Falconer, chief engineer; N. Hedlund, electrician; A.B. Creese, captain; J.R. Gable, 10th engineer; A. Meridith, 8th engineer; and Weir (American POW). Front row: E. McReady, steward; D. Butler, W. Fairey, and S. Hewitt (all American POWs); R.L.B. Thomson, 2nd Engineer; A. Lindsay, wireless operator; Galloway (American POW); J. Harland, greaser; and R. Bell, assistant cook. Two other Hauraki crewmen, W.E. Porteous, 6th engineer, and G.N. Mutton, 9th engineer, were in hospital when the photograph was taken. (Original print housed in the AWM Archive Store) (Donor J. Innes)


Australia War Memorial Museum
Accession no: P02087.001

Public Domain

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