Ertuğrul Cavalry Regiment

Ertuğrul Cavalry Regiment

Ertuğrul Cavalry Regiment, Imperial Guard, crossing the Galata Bridge in Constantinople (now Istanbul), 1896. The smart dark blue coat, pants and tarbush or 'fez' was the basis of the Ottoman uniform for 40 years until it was replaced by the new khaki uniform and kabalak cloth helmet in 1909. 

Throughout the 19th century the Ottoman Army (and Navy) underwent numerous reforms designed to try to restore military parity with the other great powers. These reforms enjoyed mixed success, with some progress made in re-organising and re-equipping the Ottoman combat arms on European lines, but less so when it came to developing the specialist technical support, medical services and logistical capabilities needed to sustain them in a large-scale modern war. This was a reflection of some of the wider problems hampering Ottoman society as a whole. The lack of modern infrastructure, education and domestic industrial development presented a huge obstacle to implementing any major reforms.

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