General Julius Ringel

General Julius Ringel

General Julius Ringel (1899–1967) presents an award to a young German mountain trooper following the Battle for Crete.

Austrian-born Ringel commanded the 5th Mountain Division in Greece and Crete. On 22 May 1941 he was given control of all German forces on Crete and told to secure the island. While he achieved this objective, Ringel’s decision to push his troops eastwards towards Retimo allowed the bulk of Creforce to escape south to Sfakia for evacuation. For his leadership during the battle he was awarded the prestigious Knight’s Cross in June 1941.

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What do you know?


Posted: 09 Apr 2023

Can someone help me with something involving this man ?

Quinton Joseph Ringel, Jr

Posted: 25 Apr 2020

He is my Great Great Paternal grandfather. My dad looks like him.


Posted: 23 Oct 2014

He's my great great grand father :D my uncle used to play with his medals when he was a kid... i wish i could have met him :(