HMS New Zealand, 1913

HMS <em>New Zealand</em>, 1913

HMS New Zealand ca. 1913. In 1909 Prime Minister Sir Joseph Ward reacted to the perceived German threat by announcing that New Zealand would fund the construction of a battlecruiser to be gifted to the Royal Navy. Construction of HMS New Zealand cost £1.7 million ($231 million in 2007).

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Posted: 28 Nov 2011

My grandfather James G. Perry served on the the New Zealand in WWI. He emigrated to Canada and then the USA. He reached 100 years of age and passed away in Michigan. I have the original hard cover book apparently each crewman received, and am in the process of updating our family geneology. I hope to take photographs of this book, if anyone is interested in corresponding. Sincerely, Jim Perry Roswell, Georgia, USA (metropolitan Atlanta)

Stuart Gray

Posted: 09 Aug 2011

My father Donald Gray was a cook on H M S New Zealand. He, along with all of the officers and crew , were awarded a solid silver medallion by the New Zealand government, which is still in the family posession. I also have many post cards collected by my father on this cruise. At this time he was only rated as Cook, he served through First World War seeing service at the Battle of Jutland and rose to the high position of PO Cook on HMS Capetown on 16th May 1929. He attained C P O HMS Vivid (Vesper) 6th April 1932. He left the service on 6th June 1933. He was called up again in 1938, serving as instructor at H M S Drake. Where he was known by those unfortunate enough to be under his command as OLD ACID. Due to his very sarcastic attitude, which never left him, as I know to my cost. He was released from service 27th August 1945, one year after my birth.

Philip Congdon

Posted: 20 Nov 2010

My father joined HMS New Zealand as a stoker 2nd class at Portsmouth. It was a wonderful show the flag cruise around South America and the Pacific. He was off loaded at Esquimalt in Canada where he joined the Pacific Squadron's 2 sloops. Regrettably he later deserted at San Diego!! Capt Halsey went on to become an Admiral.