Jean Gardner Batten

Jean Gardner Batten

Jean Gardner Batten, in flying clothes, alongside her aeroplane, 1934.

This photo was taken, possibly at Rongotai airport, Wellington, during Batten’s tour of New Zealand in July/August 1934. This followed her first successful long-distance flight from England to Australia, completed in May 1934. 

Batten sailed to New Zealand in late June 1934 with her mascot cat, Buddy. Her Gipsy Moth was stowed on board to allow her to use it on her six-week tour of the country. Batten flew to civic receptions in more than 20 towns with Buddy stowed in the plane’s luggage locker.

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Victor "Lee" Graham Fox

Posted: 08 Sep 2016

My Scottish great grandmother "Mary" when she was Lady Mayoress of Plymouth in 1938 officially welcomed Miss Jean Batten to Plymouth with a Civic Greeting by the Lord Mayor Solomon Stephens.