Malone Memorial, Stratford

Malone Memorial, Stratford

Malone Gates Malone Gates Malone Gates Malone Gates Malone Gates

This is the memorial arch to Lieutenant-Colonel William George Malone at Stratford, Taranaki. Malone, a Stratford farmer and lawyer, was the commander of the Wellington Infantry Battalion at Gallipoli. He died on the slopes of Chunuk Bair on 8 August 1915.

The lone pine tree near the Malone Memorial Gates grew from a seedling brought back from Gallipoli.

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Posted: 02 Oct 2010

Colonel Malone's house was puchased by Frank RANFORD. When? 1923? It was subsequently burned down, the real suspicion that this was deliberate after the Ranford's maid had been reprimanded. Can you please advise if you have a date of this fire and where the house was. My information says it was "on the Opunake Road" which today is possibly known by another name. Until the house was bought Frank and family lived in a house owned by the Gadsby's, burned down prior to the shift to Malones - and I gather there was a second house of Gadsby's which possibly my great- and grandfather lived in. Seek confirmation if possible. Thank you. David Ranford.