Motuara Island

Motuara Island

Motuara Island, Queen Charlotte Sound, looks very different today compared with the way it did before it gained reserve status.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2011

At present I am sitting with my mother Mildred Connor (Keenan) who was born in Picton 75 yrs ago. Her family is originally from the top of the south Marlbourough. The reason I'm writting this e-mail is mum's mother was one of the very few born on Motuara Island. Not many stories have been said about this island as they never talked about their life for it was a hard life style and in those days focused more on living, trying to survive than worrying about how they lived. Her mother's family would travel round the Sounds doing odd jobs like farming. I will e-mail more when it arises thought i'd e-mail just to let you no some families still connect to the reserves in which doc looks after.