Scenery preservation 1903-1953

  • Scenery preservation 1903-1953

    Premier Richard Seddon outlined his vision for 'God's own country' in 1903 as he steered the Scenery Preservation Act through Parliament. This act was an important landmark in preserving New Zealand's natural and historic heritage.

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  • Page 2 – Scientific origins

    European settlers in New Zealand struggled to rework the indigenous landscape.

  • Page 6 – Scenery Preservation Commission

    The job of identifying suitable scenic and historic sites and administering the Scenery Preservation Act was given to a commission.

  • Page 8 – New administration

    Officially, the Scenery Preservation Commission was disbanded because the government had found that some 'simpler machinery was necessary to more effectively carry out the

  • Page 9 – Further information

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