Ōtāhuhu First World War memorial

Ōtāhuhu First World War memorial

Ōtāhuhu First World War memorial.

Governor-General Sir Charles Fergusson unveiled the Ōtāhuhu First World War memorial on 25 April 1928. The bronze figure of a New Zealand Mounted Rifleman had been donated to the borough by a local businessman, Alfred Trenwith, and stood on a plinth near the Nixon Memorial at the intersection of Great South Road with Massey Road.

For further information relating to this memorial, see: ‘Borough of Otahuhu: War Memorial Statue', NZ Herald, 13/1/28, p. 10; ‘Otahuhu Memorial: Bronze Statue Unveiled: Governor-General Officiates', NZ Herald, 26/4/28, p. 12; [photograph], ibid., p. 8; A Passing Parade: A Reflection of 150 Years in Otahuhu, ed. Grant Howard, Otahuhu, 1998, pp. 64-5.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
intersection soldier    25/4/1928  

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What do you know?

Sandra Davies

Posted: 16 Jun 2020

Dear Alex,

It is important for correct information to be given behind monuments like your gt gt grandfather, Frederick Michael Glass shown here. Until you mentioned his name he was represented only as a symbol, a metaphor. With Frederick Michael Glass's name proudly next to 'the monument' in Otahuhu he represents many kiwi's who fought, not only off shore but locally in the early settlement engagements.

I was brought up in the Otahuhu area and learnt about war from this amazing bronze statue.

Thank you for giving me a name of that courageous horseman.


Posted: 26 Apr 2012

Dear nzhistory.net, it may not be important but you may be interested to know that statue is of my great grandfather, Frederic Michael Glass. He was one of the men that survived World War One and they built the statue from a photo of him. I would really appreaciate it if you added his name to this page. My Grandad still has the photo of him and if you have any questions please email me.
thanks from alex