Painting of Boulcott's stockade in the Hutt Valley

This 1846 painting shows Boulcott’s stockade in the Hutt Valley. The farm buildings were rearranged and surrounded by the stockade after the attack in May 1846. The soldiers killed here were buried in the grave in the foreground.

Boulcott's Farm was the most advanced British post in the Hutt Valley, some 20 km from Wellington. It was defended by 50 men of the 58th Regiment under the command of Lieutenant Page. 

The attack on Boulcott’s Farm at dawn on 16 May 1846 left six soldiers dead and demoralised the settler community. The attack was led by Te Mamaku of Ngāti Hāua-te-rangi. He had recently arrived with 200 warriors from Whanganui to support Te Rangihaeata and his Ngāti Rangatahi kin.

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