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War in Wellington

  • War in Wellington

    In 1846 fighting broke out in the Wellington region when Ngāti Toa chief Te Rangihaeata backed local Maori opposed to European settlement in Hutt Valley. The campaign claimed few lives but effectively ended Ngāti Toa resistance in the region.

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  • Page 2 – The Port Nicholson purchase

    In September 1839 William Wakefield, the principal agent for the New Zealand Company, met Te Ātiawa chiefs Te Puni and Te Wharepōuri at Pito-one (Petone), on the northern shore

  • Page 3 – Return to Hutt Valley

    It was soon apparent that Wellington did not have enough flat fertile land. Attention turned back to the lower Hutt Valley as the best location for an agricultural settlement

  • Page 4 – A line in the bush

    William Spain and Ngāti Tama chief Te Kāeaea sought to mark a boundary between European and Māori land in Hutt Valley.

  • Page 5 – An escalation of violence

    In autumn 1846 fighting broke out in Hutt Valley, most notably at Boulcott's Farm.

  • Page 6 – Last battles

    In mid-1846, Governor George Grey decided to neutralise the Ngāti Toa threat in the Wellington region by arresting Te Rauparaha.

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