Pencarrow Lighthouse family

Pencarrow Lighthouse family

The children of Pencarrow Lighthouse keepers George and Mary Jane Bennett: top left, Francis; top right, Anne; middle left, Mary Jane (named after her mother); centre, George (named after his father); middle right, Fanny; seated in front, William (born six months after his father died; in 1880 he returned as an assistant keeper at Pencarrow).

The Bennetts had one other child not shown here, Eliza, who died during their first year at Pencarrow, aged two and a half.

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paul bennett

Posted: 29 Jan 2011

The Bennett family returned to England in 1865 to Mary Jane Bennett's father's estate , Braistey Woods, in Yorkshire. The three girls remained in England, but the three boys came back to New Zealand in 1871.