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Mary Jane Bennett remains the only woman to have been a lighthouse keeper in New Zealand. She took on the role at Pencarrow from her husband following his death in 1855.

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Pencarrow Lighthouse

  • Pencarrow Lighthouse

    On 1 January 2014 Pencarrow Lighthouse at the entrance to Wellington Harbour celebrates its 155th anniversary. New Zealand’s first permanent lighthouse, Pencarrow was also home to this country’s first – and only – female lighthouse keeper.

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  • Page 2 – Slow beginnings

    It took 20 years for the first settlers to get a decent lighthouse built at the entrance to Wellington Harbour.

  • Page 3 – The lighthouse and its surroundings

    Key events in the development of the Pencarrow Lighthouse

  • Page 4 – Pencarrow Lighthouse keepers

    The experiences of the Pencarrow Lighthouse keepers and their families

  • Page 5 – Daily life and learning

    Daily life at Pencarrow Lighthouse has been recorded for posterity in the countless records and forms the Marine Department required keepers to complete ‘daily, weekly, monthly

  • Page 6 – Timeline

    A timeline of key dates in the history of Pencarrow Lighthouse

  • Page 7 – Further information

    This web feature was written by Imelda Bargas and produced by the team.Links 'Guardians of the Light' - documentary about lighthouse keepers (NZ On Screen)Pen