Porangahau war memorial

Porangahau war memorial names

Porangahau war memorial names

Porangahau war memorial hall, 15 Abercromby Street, Porangahau. The plaques are locked in behind the roller door.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Beside road Hall      

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Margaret Simeon

Posted: 21 Apr 2020

Would love to see photos of the interior of the entrance.. the Anzac photos and poppies are worth sharing here I think..was trying to show a friend to give ideas on what "they could do" with their memorial hall in Takapau..xx IMO Porangahau have done a super job at honouring the vets..x


Posted: 07 Apr 2014

Here's an article about a stained glass piece that was erected more than 130 years ago in the township of Porangahau.

The author Ray Brown has just completed an article concerning a memorial stained glass window to a soldier who was killed in August 1868 during the Maori Wars.


A memorial of this type is not uncommon (in Australia) but in this case the window was made in Australia by the Ferguson & Urie stained glass company and is the only one known to have been created by the company with any connection to armed conflict. It’s also one of only six stained glass windows by this company found in New Zealand to date.