The Rolling Stones in Wellington

The Rolling Stones in Wellington

Police restrain a fan who has seized Mick Jagger during one of two concerts performed by the Rolling Stones in the Wellington Town Hall. Bill Wyman is at left, and Brian Jones is in the background. The photograph was taken on 28 February 1966 by Morrie Hill.

Following on from a successful, longer tour in 1965, The Rolling Stones returned for performances in Wellington and Auckland in February 1966. Maurice Greer, drummer for a support group, The Four Fours, remembers the show was wild from the onset. He was watching from the side of the stage when a man leapt from the audience and attacked Mick Jagger. He was prised off by security and thrown back into the crowd. As chaos broke out Bill Wyman and Keith Richards flicked their guitars off and retreated to the side of the stage until order was restored. Later that evening a girl fell from the theatre balcony and dislocated her legs. The Auckland show was calmer.

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