St Bride's roll of honour

St Bride's roll of honour

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In July 1917 Mrs B.A. Crispe presented St Bride’s Anglican Church, Mauku, with a hand-written and hand-coloured roll of honour. The framed roll of honour still hangs beside the vestry door today. It lists 80 men of the parochial district who served during the First World War, including fourteen who died and eight who were wounded

St Bride’s had an association with a much earlier war. On the outbreak of the Waikato War in 1863 it was fortified to serve as a refuge and a militia post. Although the location of loopholes that were pierced in the church walls at the time can still be seen, there is no formal memorial of the era closer than Titi Hill. However, the three-light stained glass window installed above the altar at the time of the church’s centenary in 1961 includes a segment depicting the church with a stockade around it.

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