State housing in Otara

State housing in Otara

A street of state houses in Otara, South Auckland. Although the typical hipped-roof state house of the mid 20th century is instantly recognisable, a closer look reveals that few houses in the same street are exactly alike. Houses were distinguished from one another through the use of different rooflines, different materials – brick, weatherboard, stucco – or by architectural detailing around eaves, doors and windows.

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Posted: 03 Dec 2008

Mine is always damp in the winter. Mildew growing off the walls and corners of the room floor.We can feel the cold air through the carpeted floor and walls.Ceiling paint peeling because due to water.Roof tiles loose.Wallpaper peeling off the wall.Fuse still not fixed since moving in 4 yrs ago.Holes in spouting.With all the past so called renovations,even the ? windows.They have been sanded down so many times,cold breeze blows the curtains and mildew eventually comes home to roost. Amen.