Taranaki Volunteers NZ Wars memorial

Taranaki Volunteers NZ Wars memorial

Memorial to Taranaki Militia and Volunteers at St Mary’s Cathedral Church, New Plymouth.

New Zealand’s settler population played its part in the fighting that plagued Taranaki during the 1860s. The Militia Act 1858 provided for the formation of volunteer colonial units. Many Taranaki men, including future Premier Harry Atkinson, responded to the call.

As well as providing a garrison force for defensive positions and guarding communications networks, this settler force also saw active service. At Waireka the Taranaki Rifle Volunteers and the Taranaki Militia became the first colonial volunteer units ever to take the field against an enemy. This feat was recognised in 1861 with the presentation of an impressive flag.

This memorial stands in the grounds of St Mary’s Cathedral Church in New Plymouth. It records the names of 11 Taranaki Militia and 10 Taranaki Volunteers who were killed in action between 1860 and 1866. The memorial stood for many years in a drill hall on Kawau Street before it was relocated to its current position on a wall at St Mary’s in 1916 or 1917.

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In / memory / of the / Taranaki Militia and Volunteers / who fought and fell / in the Native Wars / in the years from 1860 to 1866

Captn William C. KingTrooper John Sarten
[Captain] R. Brown[Trooper] A. Bayly
Sergt P. Fahey[Trooper] P. O’Neill
Private S. Shaw[Trooper] J Hawke
[Private] S. FordPrivate E. Coad
[Private] J. Hurford[Private] H. Edgecombe
[Private] J. Hawken[Private] C. Harris
[Private] G. Patterson[Private] H. Crann
[Private] Jos. Sarten[Private] F. Brown
[Private] N. Passmore[Private] E Messenger
[Private] W. Wright 


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