The Hinemoa in Wellington Harbour, 1951

The <em>Hinemoa</em> in Wellington Harbour, 1951

The Hinemoa passes the Union Steam Ship Company's trans-Tasman liner Monowai, berthed at the Queen's Wharf outer tee, Wellington.


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Posted: 18 Mar 2023

My sister and I, aged 8 and 12 were sent for a holiday in Christchurch in the 50s. On arrival at Lyttleton, it banged into the wharf, making all passengers go on deck and to one side of the ship..

My question is, was it the Hinemoa or her sister ship ????? Was it Wellington Wharf or Lyttleton? And, what year?

Jamie M

Posted: 07 Oct 2019

Hi Tanya - I don't think the Hinemoa was ever wrecked in Cook's Strait. It served as a ferry from 1947 to 1963 when it was replaced by the Wahine (which was wrecked in Wellington Harbour in 1968).

Tanya Garland

Posted: 05 Oct 2019

I was taken to NZ from England on the maiden voyage of the Hinemoa -at the age of 3 years. M father Dr Thomas Garland was taking the family of 5 children to start his new job as Director of Public Health in Wellington. I remember when others had their first sight of NZ and I was lifted up to look out of a port hole but was disappointed as all I could see was the sea. I was hoping to find out the date the boat was wrecked in Cook Strait as I remember it was on a reef out at sea years later. From Tanya Garland