Third Contingent Rough Riders

Members of New Zealand's Third Contingent in South Africa, 1900.

Together with the Fourth New Zealand Contingent, the Third were known as the ‘Rough Riders’ due to their numbers consisting of citizens who were naturally good marksmen and riders as opposed to trained Volunteers.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2016

Mary Baker née Bruce ( Father William Bruce born in Gisborne

Posted: 25 Apr 2016

Information on D Bruce and F Bruce 4th contingent Gisborne Outriders Boer war. I would like more information.

Norm Roberts

Posted: 14 May 2015

Does anyone have any knowledge of my grandfather William Edmund Brown he was a mounted rifleman from Nelson. I would really appreciate any information


Posted: 20 Apr 2015

Is there a Harry Vickery in the photo please by any chance.

Pamela Bradley

Posted: 17 Apr 2015

Hi, HM Cavino, I have just logged back onto this site to check out another member of my husbands family and found your comment. I have checked the photos names and H H Steedman does not appear, sorry. This is the Hawkes Bay Contingent - February 1900. I don't know much, but found this photo in amongst family bits and pieces while starting to do our family tree. Pamela

S Young

Posted: 05 Apr 2014

I too am interested in any photos of the Third Contingent to the Boer War. My Great Uncle John Butler started out with them, then was court martialles (reasons not known) then went on to a SA unit where he was killed. I would be interested if his name pops up in any of the photos. Many thanks

Ray Johnstone

Posted: 23 Jan 2014

My grandfather and his brother were members of this contingent. Do you now have the names of the men in this photo. I also have a copy of a photo of some of the men in this contingent. Are you interested in a copy?

HM Cavino

Posted: 07 Nov 2013

Kia ora PD Bradley. My great grandfather Henry Herbert Steedman served in the third contingent. Can you by chance tell me if he is named on the back and if so which one he is? Thank you so much.

P D Bradley

Posted: 06 Nov 2013

I have an original photo of this pic which was taken by W.H.Neal, Artist in Photography, Napier, N.Z. dated 2/2/1900. It states they are the "HAWKES BAY ROUGH RIDERS' CONTINGENT-FEBRUARY 1900" It lists all the mens names in the photo. The 9th soldier from the left in the back row is one of my husbands family F.T. Bradley . I found the photo in amongst a lot of old family albums.


Posted: 23 Jul 2013

I had an uncle who was a rough rider he joined up for the 2 boer war, he jumped ship in Cape Town and joined up this unit his name was Gustave Nielson we have his medal and his spurs have you any history, I now know that it was a nz unit? It's a bit puzzling