Tokomairiro school roll of honour

Tokomairiro school roll of honour

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The Roll of Honour from the old Tokomairiro school, now located at the Tokomairiro Historical Society and Museum in Milton. 

Originally unveiled at the school on 20 May 1920, this consists of a carved rimu panel flanked by bronze fibrous plaster casts of soldiers in uniform, the whole surmounted by a recumbent lion. At the time of unveiling the roll of honour listed the names of 143 ex-pupils who served during the war and 23 who died (six more names of fatalities were added subsequently), as well as the names of two nurses (Agnes McMilland and E. Barclay).

Beneath this list is a quote from the poem ‘The Bivouac of the Dead’:

On Fame's eternal camping-ground
Their silent tents are spread,
And Glory guards with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead.

The museum also has the Tokoiti Public School roll of honour in storage. This lists 66 ex-pupils who served during the First World War and another 16 who died on service.

See: ‘Toko. High School: unveiling roll of honor’, Bruce Herald, 24/3/1920, p. 3; Guy Scholefield, History of the Tokomairiro District high School, 1856-1956, ed. David Forsyth, Milton, 1956, pp. 44-7.

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