Victoria Cross Memorial Plaque, Wellington

Victoria Cross Memorial Plaque, Wellington

Memorial plaque Memorial plaque Memorial plaque

The bronze memorial plaque is one of 11 gifted to Victoria Cross recipients’ home countries. The gift is an extension of the First World War centenary programme in the United Kingdom and is a symbol of their gratitude. On the plaque are the names of 16 First World War Victoria Cross recipients from New Zealand. Those with asterisks were New Zealand born but fought with overseas forces. The plaque is located at the top of the stairs leading from the cenotaph to Parliament, on Parliament grounds.

The plaque reads:

"From the people of the United Kingdom in honour of those men from New Zealand

Corporal Leslie Andrew, Corporal Cyril Bassett, Sergeant Donald Brown, Private Thomas Cooke, Private James Crichton, Sergeant Samuel Forsyth, Lieutenant Corporal Samuel Frickleton, Sergeant John Grant, Sergeant Reginald Judson, Sergeant Henry Laurent, Private Henry Nicholas, Lieutenant William Sanders, Captain Alfred Shout, Lieutenant Percy Storkey, Sergeant Richard Travis, Corporal Lawrence Weathers

Who were awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest award for gallantry, during the First World War"

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