Waimā war memorial

Waimā war memorial

Waima memorial Waima memorial

This memorial at Waimā, near Rāwene, lists men from the district who died in the Second World War. Most if not all of these men served in the 28 (Māori) Battalion.

The inscription, written in Māori, translates as:

Te Hoko Whitu a Tu,
This is the memorial to our whanau who fell during the war,
which has been erected at their home marae,
Marukohu Wharerau,
He died 15 December 1942 at the age of 36.
Pereniki Wharerau,
He died April 14 1943 at the age of 38.
Kira Pere Pokaihau,
Te Raurui Tairuwhiu,
Himi Hauraki,
Hami Kereopa,
Toru Poi Karora,
Whata Iraia,
Capt Harding Leef.
Moa Wharerau [listed at bottom of memorial]
The tribe is the broad tribe of Ngapuhi.
The hapu are Te Roroa, Hikutu, Ngati Kaharau, Mahurehure, Ngai Tu.
May you, our whanau, lay peacefully amongst the moonlit mists,
that fall on Egypt, on Libya.
Stand within the shadow of our mountains, of Whakatere, of Ramaroa, of Puhanga Tohora, 
and our taniwha Te Pouahi, Niwa and Arati te uru.
Sleep well our whanau,
Sleep thrice.
Sleep within the protection of our Lord.

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