View from Kaipopo pa site

View from Kaipopo pa site

The view from the Kaipopo pā site today, looking north to the Sugarloaf Islands — Ngā Motu — and New Plymouth.

Fears that the conflict at Waitara might spread beyond Te Ātiawa were realised when a force of 500 Taranaki, Ngāti Ruanui and Ngā Rauru assembled near Ōmata, just south of New Plymouth. They built Kaipopo pā, which overlooked the main south road and the nearby settler stockade at Ōmata. The palisade was a relatively flimsy affair constructed from fenceposts, railings and saplings, but it was surrounded by rifle pits.

For his bravery during the assault on Kaipopo pā, William Odgers was awarded the first Victoria Cross of the New Zealand Wars.

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