William Hobson

William Hobson

William Hobson was lieutenant-governor from 1840 to 1841 and governor from 1841 to 1842. One of his first tasks on arriving in New Zealand on 29 January 1840 was signing the Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February that year.

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Posted: 29 May 2018

Does anyone know what happened to Captain William Hobson's son? I can find his daughters who returned to England after his death living with his widow in Devon, but did his son stay in New Zealand? And does anyone know what his name was?

Rosemary Matthews

Posted: 18 Sep 2015

Kia Ora Bonnie Job,Is it possible to see the Maxwell grant land documents please.
My name is Rosemary Matthews NEE Hobson.My father Frank Hobson is a great grandson of Governor Hobson.

Angee Keung-Hobson

Posted: 09 Dec 2014

Kia ora whanau, I have just stumbled onto this page as I am searching for any information, documents that could be verified and copied relating to Governor William Hobson. I am a sixth generation - Great great great Grandmother (Merengawi -nee Karipa); Great great grandmother (Mereana Rapata-eldest child to Wi and Merengawi); Great grandmother (Te Owai Taramoeroa -nee Rapata); Grandmother (Jane Salle - nee Taramoeroa); Mother (Elaine Keung - nee Salle). Uncle Mete Norma and I have been discussing bringing back Governor Hobson's kawamate back to his uri. We would appreciate any help with this and you can FB on our Marae page. Look forward to reading threads on this whanau.

Jarrod Hobson

Posted: 22 Apr 2014

I am from the Irish/Scottish Hobson family. My great great grandfather was an Edinburgh Guard for the Queen of England. After some tradegy he fled to America and was convicted for his crimes. He then fled to Australia and finally settled in Dargaville NZ. He was known to set up the first lot of Power Lines in Dargaville.
Are there any Hobson's in Dargaville that can help me with information on HORATIO HOBSON??? His wife's surname was PANALAGAN who was from Scandanavian/Viking descent.

Julie Ann Picton (nee hobson)

Posted: 10 Feb 2014

My name is Julie Picton (nee Hobson). I have been told my family hails from new zealand. Rotorua in particular and that my great grandfather and great grandmother came to australia to live. I have little information about them and there is no history of them prior. Which indicates they had migrated here. My grandfathers name was eric james hobson. My fathers name was robert douglas hobson. He has 2 brothers john and james and a sister gwen My fathers family was involved with horses. My father and grandfather broke in and trained horses . My father was a jockey for a time and did rodeo. My uncles still living continue to. My family was also very musical and were in bands. I have also been told there is a mariah near rotarua for my family. I have always wondered where i come from and this recent info seems to new zealand and only 3 generations prior. Can anyone offer me any info that could possibly suggest this is correct. It would be of great assistance and show that i am on the correct trail.

Quest Hobson

Posted: 17 Jul 2013

My father is Aubrey Alfred Hobson, from Pa Parore. I am his eldest son of the 4 children he had from his 2nd wife.
We (kids at the time)did not know his side of the family well, but to my memory, he has 2 brothers, Sam & ???, Sam recently passed in 2012-2013 assumed he is buried at the urupa in paa parore. And a sister which he called nicknamed Babe?? And have never met.
My 2 half brothers from Aubrey's 1st wife are Garth and Ferlinghetti Hobson
My Father was a well known Studsman, Horse trainer, bridle maker, saddles and involved in the rodeo.....very well know for his gift with horses.
I just google my dad out of random and came across this forum.

Aubrey passed away around November 2nd 2002


Posted: 19 Apr 2013

sorry typo error Polly (Hirana) Hopihana lol...huihana is my other nana


Posted: 16 Apr 2013

I am 6th generation to William Hobson. My whanau are Jimmy (James) Hobson, Glass Hobson his father is Johnny Hobson of Kaitaia and his father is Busby (Puhiri) Hobson (Hopihana) married to Polly (Huihana) Hobson (Hopihana). Te Paa Parore Marae is my family urupa. I to want to know more of my whakapapa. Can Anyone help?


Posted: 17 Feb 2013

kia ora, ko Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri oku iwi. Ngaronoa Mereana Hobson is my great great grandma. Thanks for sharing Miram, it appears that we have some common ancestors. I will add Wiremu and Mere into my tree. Nga mihi xox

Bonnie Job, please check the date on your document. If it belongs to Capt William Hobson, its probably 1793, not 1893. The said captain passed away in 1842.

Awesome contributions whanau, tena koutou xox

Miram Te Hira Scanlan

Posted: 09 Oct 2012

I am a 6th generation descendant of Wiremu Hopihana & Mere Ngawi. My whanau attended the Hobson reunion 2009 at our marae in Paparore. My grandfather Hohepa (Joe) Heemi was the great grandson of Wiremu & Mere. I'm keen to know the DOB & birthplace of Wiremu Hopihana. I have gazette articles from the NZ archives with Wiremu's later life but draw blanks everytime I enter his name in BDM or ancestry.com. For Whakapapa tracking my great great grandmother Mereana Ngaranoa Rapata Harera nee Hopihana was the first born child of Wiremu Hopihana. I to am keen to know more about our tupuna, so please email issybay@gmail.