Women's khaki uniform

Women's khaki uniform

‘Young Ladies' Contingent’ uniform made by E. Osborn in Wellington, 1900. It was worn by one of the Edwin sisters, both of whom were part of the ‘Wellington Amazons’ Ladies' Khaki Corps.

Khaki Corps

Girls' and Ladies' Khaki Corps (or Contingents) were organised throughout the country during 1900 to raise funds for New Zealand's South African War effort. Denied entry into active war service, women threw themselves into patriotic work on the home front. Contingents were quickly established throughout New Zealand in cities and small towns.

Khaki Corps members, often young society women, dressed in military-style uniforms with skirts and hats. Khaki Corps members had a range of military ranks, and local volunteer officers supervised their military exercises. They participated in fundraising events like the Patriotic Carnival at Government House in 1900 organised by Lady Douglas in aid of the Wellington More Men Fund. Five thousand people attended this event and it was publicised in pictorial weeklies (newspapers) throughout the country.

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