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Sound: haircuts before D-Day

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Hear O'Brien Reeve talk about how he and his friends prepared for their service in France.


I remember that three of us, two of my fellow officers and myself, thought it would be a good idea, if we were going to land in France (we knew it would be France), we'd better make sure, from the point of view of hygiene – we didn't know what water situation would be like – so we'd better have a good haircut. So we shaved each other's head and we looked quite monstrous actually ... and as you can see, a little of it came back!


O'Brien Reeve

O'Brien Reeve, flotilla officer, Royal Navy, 1944

O'Brien Reeve, 2004

O'Brien Reeve, 2004


O'Brien Reeve interviewed by Alison Parr. Ministry for Culture and Heritage D-Day Oral History project.

Images from O'Brien Reeve collection

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