Sound clip: evacuation from Gallipoli

Hear a radio documentary about the evacuation of Gallipoli.


Then a new enemy appeared, General Winter. Rain and cold added to the hardships of the men in the line and sent up casualties with a bound. Men were actually drowned in the trenches.

As men were taken away, a show of landing others was made and guns fired on the Turkish positions ... On that last night, December the 19th, there was intense excitement – would the bluff come off? It did. Rifles were left in the trenches, fitted with devices to fire them later so that the enemy would suppose that the trenches were still manned. Through the night the rearguard slipped away, and by the dawn of the 20th the operation was complete and was done without a casualty.

They put into the evacuation qualities they had put into fighting, and it was a brilliant success.

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Small Facts man

Posted: 25 Apr 2011

I believe a published letter/article in the Howick Pakuranga Times in the 1970's or 1980's named the 6 members of the rearguard party, who departed early hours of the 20 th of December, 1915.