Sound: Winston McCarthy commentating

Hear Winston McCarthy's famous rugby commentary, ''s a goal!' - from the fourth test in the 1956 Springbok Tour at Eden Park when Don Clarke kicked a goal to take the All Black's lead to 11-0. The final result was 11-5.


And here is Clarke to take a long-range penalty kick for New Zealand. Seven yards inside halfway and I would say 12 yards from his right-hand touch line. Now he's got to kick into a bit of a breeze here. But for a man of his calibre that bit of a breeze might not matter if it doesn't go particularly high because they say a well-hit golf ball into the wind the wind never worries it. But back comes Clarke now. He moves up, he's kicking and it's a long one, listen, it's a goal!

Co-commentator: That's the one that does it, Winston.

Winston: It's a goal!

Co-commentator: That's the one that does it I think, and look at that crowd again!

Winston: The crowd is going absolutely crazy over on the bank, 11-0 to New Zealand.

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Steve Hawes

Posted: 06 Oct 2015

Hi i have an original 33 1/3 long play record Stan Dallas presents Winston McCarthy, highlights of the 4 tests and the universities match 1958 and the cover is covered in cartoons by Neville Lodge.
The beautiful thing about this is the fact that commentators had to bring the game alive and captivate and excite there audience as it was over the airwaves. It really is exciting stuff to listen to, does anyone know how many of these were made